Insurance Agent in Florida That Offers Much More Than Insurance

For an insurance agent in Florida that will give you individual attention, unbiased advice and expert guidance on options and rates, Marcoh Insurance is the team to call. If you’d like to request a free insurance quote, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 407-844-5693 or visit our office in Orlando, FL.

Personalized Service


Marcoh Insurance is your local independent agent in Orlando, FL. We specialize in providing every one of our clients in Florida with personalized service. What does this mean? It means our agents will listen to you and your concerns.

We’ll ask you questions about your situation that you might not have thought about when considering what insurance policy to go with. As experts in our field, we’ll also tell you about insurance coverage options that you might not have known existed. All of this adds up to you getting the appropriate coverage should you ever need to make a claim.

Independent Recommendations


You could get your insurance in Florida directly from an insurance provider, but then you wouldn’t know about all of the options available to you and you may get recommendations that might not really fit your needs.

Marcoh Insurance doesn’t work that way. We have relationships with numerous, well-regarded insurance companies but are not beholden to any of them. So, when you speak with our team in Orlando, FL, you can be confident we have your best interests in mind.

Experts in Comparing Insurance Rates

We know that you want great insurance coverage, but we also know that you have a budget to work with. When you to speak to an insurance agent at Marcoh Insurance in Orlando, FL, we’ll take everything into account to ensure you get solid insurance coverage that fits with your financial situation.

Call 407-844-5693 to request a free quote on umbrella coverage insurance.